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COBRA Compliance

COBRA Adminstration.


Although the COBRA law is over 25 years old, its administration and compliance isn’t any easier today than when it was new. In fact, employee benefits are becoming more complicated and challenging every year. As an employer, you must maintain documentation, update required notices, track dates and keep up with legislative and regulatory changes to stay in compliance.

Our COBRA service includes
Affordable Care Act Compliance

Affordable Care Act Compliance

Accurate workforce data is vital to your compliance. Simplify your ACA compliance.


The reporting requirements that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposed were difficult for many employers to meet. If your ACA process last year didn’t go as smoothly as it could have, now is the time to look for a better solution. Employers that do not have a solution for collecting and managing the necessary employee and benefit data to satisfy Section 6055 and 6056 reporting requirements run a significant risk for incurring reporting penalties and ACA excise taxes. Our all-in-one platform houses all your data – dates, hours, employee status and more – all in a single platform, making ACA compliance easier and more accurate.

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Access best-in-class tools to manage workplace compliance and employee relations issues. Our cloud-based solution is available 24/7, providing access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources, employee handbooks, job descriptions and many more commonly used HR resources.

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