Personal, live and dedicated payroll support.

Payroll Processing

Payroll is the cornerstone of Human Capital Management. Our intuitive technology ensures your payroll is processed efficiently and accurately. Full payroll preview puts you in control and allows you to catch errors before you process. Plus, a multi-layered security strategy ensures that system access is limited to the right people.

Dedicated Payroll Specialist

You’ll get to know and love your dedicated Payroll Specialist. To us, you’re not a number or a company code; you’re an individual person with specific needs.

Tax Filing & Payments

We'll remit your federal, state and local payroll taxes on your behalf, and file payroll tax returns for you! If we cause a tax payment to be late, we pay the penalty!

Direct Deposit / Pay Cards

Opt for the convenience of direct deposit or paychecks signed with your signature and sealed. Our debit paycards can be used at any ATM machine or merchant that accepts VISA.

Real-time payroll preview

Year-end, W-2/1099 processing

No fee direct deposit

Garnishment management

GL Interface

Check, direct deposit, pay card

Standard/custom report writing

Automated tax filing

Employee and manager self-service

Experience an all-in-one payroll and HR platform.

Bringing Payroll & HR Together

By bringing the essential functions of Payroll and HR together, we simplify your people management. All critical functions are in one database. No need to export and import across systems. It easily scales to include time tracking, benefits enrollment, applicant tracking and onboarding if and when you need those as well.

General Ledger

Utilizing a payroll solution that's connected to your General Ledger is essential to ensure all your payroll information is available across accounting systems and minimize the need for added administration.

Time Off Management

Streamline and automate how to track employee's time off. Not only will your valued staff save time in the administration of time off, but also, you'll better control the significant cost of time off with accurate accounting of your accrual liabilities.

Job Costing

Allocating costs appropriately across jobs is essential to proper payroll and time management, but you must rely on systems to ensure this is done accurately and efficiently across your workforce. We offer solutions to simplify how you perform job costing functions.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

With Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation, your payment is based on actual payroll data…as you go. This means fewer audits and no big deposit or year-end surprises.


Only what you owe, as you owe it.

You need the right coverage at the right price with flexible payment terms. Discover Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation.


Protect your business with a trusted partner. We’ve teamed up with innovative national insurance brokers focused on providing small and medium sized businesses with the best insurance products from the most trusted insurance companies in the industry.

Workers’ Compensation focused on small and medium businesses.

Pay based on actual payroll data.

Work with the most trusted insurance companies

Less reporting and fewer audits

Better Cash Flow

As we process your payroll, what you owe your insurance company is automatically deducted. This means you no longer pay large up-front deposits. Premiums are paid each payroll cycle based on actual payroll data. You never pay too much, too little, or get a late fee for forgetting to send a payment.

Less Auditing and Reporting

Because your premiums are calculated each pay period based on actual payroll data, you’ll save invaluable time avoiding the full-scale quarterly and year-end audits of traditional insurance plans.