HCM ROI Calculator

Payroll Plus HCM ROI Calculator


Estimate how much money you can save each year by investing in our solutions and services rather than doing them yourself.

  1. Change the first field to the number of employees in your company. For example, the default value is 220, but if your company has 80 employees, change that field to 80.
  2. Change the second field to show the average hourly rate for your HR / Benefits Admin. employees. This rate is used to calculate the cost of the time it takes for them to perform each task.
  3. Then, for each item below, update the value to show the number of hours your HR / Benefits staff currently spends on each task. For example, if your staff only spends 1 hour per week to manage day-to-day record updates for your employees, change the first field to 52. (1 hour per week x 52 weeks per year).
  4. As you enter the values for your company, the estimated savings will update automatically.