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Easy answers to your HR questions

Our online or live HR support solutions simplify the HR challenge with convenient and affordable answers.

Access our library of HR tools, guides, research and ready-to-go answers anytime, or for your tougher questions, work directly with our team of certified HR Pros. HR compliance and employee relations continue to be a growing challenge. We have the perfect solution with our HR Support Center and HR On Demand services.

Simplified Compliance

Our library was designed for employers, not attorneys. Access easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries, up-to-the-minute law alerts  and unique training videos. You can even conduct a 3-minute HR audit. You’re busy, so we’ve made HR compliance as convenient and efficient as possible.

Contact us directly to learn more.

Put the expertise of our HR pros
to work for you

Our team of certified HR Pros does more than simply answer calls. They’re industry-leading consultants for your organization — advising on workplace best practices, helping manage HR crises, conducting live trainings, and producing exclusive HR tools and resources. They make it easy for you to manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs, and stay ahead of the latest HR issues and trends. It’s a level of expertise you can’t find anywhere else.


The HR Support Center provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources, for just a few dollars a month. From employee handbooks, job descriptions and other commonly used HR documents, to up-to-the-minute law alerts, easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries, and unique training videos, the HR Support Center will help you effectively manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs.

  • Customizable employee handbook template
  • Wide range of job descriptions
  • HR Quick Guides and checklists
  • Easy-to-understand federal/state law libraries
  • Exclusive Training On-Demand videos
  • Custom-built HR podcasts
  • 3-minute HR Audit
  • Weekly HR Snapshot emails
  • Q&A on trending HR topics
  • Timely HR Articles
HR On Demand

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. With HR On-Demand, you can ask our team of certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, either online over the phone. It’s a level of expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Unlimited ask the pro consulting
  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Up-to-the-minute ticket tracker
  • Custom job descriptions and HR docs
  • Free quarterly harassment prevention training
  • HR Concierge live chat assistance
HR Complete

Partner with one of our certified HR Pros for unlimited support, who will help meet your HR goals, identify vulnerabilities and opportunities, and ensure you reach your HR compliance and strategic goals.

Let us show you how you can save on your fixed payroll processing costs.

Background Screening Services

Fully-accredited Employee, Tenant and Volunteer Screening

Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we offer instant and affordable background searches. Our partnership provides you with secure and instant access to a web-based national criminal and sex offender directory. This directory includes over 507 million criminal records covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Drug Screening Services

Multi-State Sex & Violent Offenders Search

County Criminal History

Motor Vehicle Records

Employment Credit Reports

National SSN/Address Locator

Healthcare Industry Search Services

Tenant and Volunteer Screening

E-Verify for New Hires

When it comes to new hires, you must remain compliant on a number of levels. With our E-Verify support we assist in quickly confirming employment eligibility for your new hires against millions of government records, simplifying the process for you while satisfying compliance requirements from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration.