Before The Attraction

You get one guess — What is the number one conversation for today’s People Leaders and the C-Suite?

Yep. Talent.

How do we attract the right talent?
Then once we get them in the door, how do we keep them?!

The REAL first question starts before either of those questions… Do you truly understand the people out there who are looking for opportunities? 

We are a people suffering from burnout – either personally or supporting a loved one who is suffering.

  • Fifty-three percent of Millennials were already burned out pre-pandemic, and they remain the most affected population, with 59% experiencing it today. However, Gen-Z is now neck and neck, as 58% report burnout—up from 47% who said the same in 2020.


Burnout is characterized by symptoms such as exhaustion resulting from work/life demands. It shows itself with physical symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, shortened temper, and closed thinking.

And the number one thought that clutters the mind — HOW DO I ESCAPE? How can I change my life/job so I don’t have to feel overwhelmed and stressed all the time?

Gone are the days that employees stay at one company for 30 years. We have accepted that.

However, what we are beginning to truly understand about today’s workforce is that salary/benefits/total compensation packages are not enough to make someone stay.

Those benefits can equalize the playing field to get the attention of high-quality talent. But, our workforce is looking for a place where they can breathe…

  • Flexibility is non-negotiable
  • Leadership styles must match the propaganda. — If you market that working from home is ok, leaders must encourage and empower that.
  • Systems and tools must be user-friendly. — If we can buy are car online and have it shipped to our home, why does it take requests to 3 different people and 5 different forms to get a day off of work?


Having conversations about culture and systems before looking for applicants can empower our HR leaders. They are able to approach candidates armed with clarity and appropriate expectations — critical components of attracting AND retaining!


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